Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs, we can advice you for all the steps you make.




Cloud Strategy

Are you about to deploy your application to AWS but have questions or concerns?

We help you to understand and choose which cloud technologies are best for your use-case. Regardless of your cloud capabilities, CloudWhiz takes the complexity out of cloud technology. We throw the full weight of our years of consulting services behind all stages of your integration and cloud adoption process, so you get the advice you need for your business to move forward.

Cloud strategy



Cost optimization

Cost Optimization

You think big but you want to start small?

We help you to choose cost effective solutions which scale with the growth of your business. We help you to analyze your existing cloud deployment and optimize costs and effectiveness.




You want to dynamically scale your application based on your traffic?

We help you to implement not only AWS autoscaling but as well the necessary changes in your deployment process and the monitoring.





We provide from day-one a backup and restore strategy for each component in your application. The backups are fully automated and can be stored one-site or off-site.




We use automation, configuration management and Infrastructure as Code to automate your application. We use tools such as CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Elastic Beanstalk, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, Capistrano, Fabric and others.



Disaster Recovery

We help you to use the power of the Cloud and Automation to create a disaster recovery site for the fraction of the costs of a non-Cloud based environment.




We are working with various open-source and commercial monitoring solutions to ensure that your application is always up and performs optimally. We help you to identify and fix problems before they occur and provide you with detailed information if problems happen.




Your application is running in the cloud – but what about your development, staging, test and load-test environments? We help you to implement effective work environments for your development and test teams which don’t have to be always-on and which can be in the cloud or off-site with Vagrant or Docker.