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OpenStack Fundamentals

The course is a comprehensive introduction into the base complements of an OpenStack environment. The student will learn to install, configured and troubleshoot and OpenStack server environment.





 Day 1


Basic tenets of Cloud Computing

  • The idea behind cloud computin
  • The history of Cloud Computing
  • Identifying valid use cases for Cloud Computing


OpenStack Primer

  • The history of the OpenStack project
  • The OpenStack core components


OpenStack Identity (Keystone):

  • Configuration and configuration file overview
  • Using the Keystone userland binary:
    • Adding and deleting tenants and users
    • Adding, deleting and modifying endpoints
    • Working with Keystone’s permission policy engine


OpenStack ImageService (Glance)

  • Setting up Glance API / Glance Registry
  • Adding images to Glance



 Day 2

OpenStack Networking (Neutron) & Software Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Cloud networking basics
  • Software-defined networking using Open vSwitch
  • Configuration and configuration file structure of Neutron


OpenStack Volume (Cinder)

  • Cinder basic functionality
  • Configuration file structure
  • Available Cinder backends


OpenStack Compute (Nova)

  • OpenStack Nova basic ideas
  • Configuration and configuration file structure
  • The integration of Nova with the Cinder volume service


The OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)